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Hi there! My name is Lucía but you can call me Rydi if you want ;D I'm mainly a digital artist but I also try traditional art every now and then. I'm very friendly so don't be afraid to poke me and talk to me :la:!

I'm 24 years old and I live in Spain, in Nature's Paradise! I've been a member of deviantART for 6 years and in all this time I've grown as an artist and as a person. On December 23rd 2009 I humbly received `Seniority and only seven days later, I was given the chance to be a Community Volunteer for the Fan Art Gallery along with aunjuli, my inspiration in life, and elicoronel16 the most blisstastic person ever. TommyGK has been my Partner in Crime and also my King in FanArtDom for many years now, he's my precious brother and one of the most important people in my life.

After a long year nurturing the community, I returned to being a regular Senior. On November 27th 2012, the Community Relations Team welcomed me back as Manga and Anime Community Volunteer :heart:. My partners in crime were Damaged927 and Gwendolyn12, two sweetlicious people! Now, a year later, I've returned to being a friendly yet grumpy cane-shaking senior again!

Don't be afraid to talk to me! I don't bite, I just eat you :chew:


Free Pretty Black Watermark by PeppermentPanda

I will wait for you

I'll wait for you

.: H a l l o w e e n . N o i r :.

Visit my sister Chibillyriusa! She's a very sweet girl :iconsokawaiiplz:
Sleepover by ChibillyriusaChristmas Morning by ChibillyriusaImagine by ChibillyriusaStarlight by Chibillyriusa

The sky is still Blue

Stormymon & Rydimon

.: A f t e r . S c h o o l :.

Secret whispers, inside these untouched feelings...

TommyGK is hosting a massive collaboration for charity! All you have to do is drop by this journal and claim a pokemon... 

4 deviants said Gentlemon Charity Ball 270 by TommyGK Last massive collab results!
1 deviant said that you will have to fancy up as a PIRATE :la:
No deviants said How awesome is that??
No deviants said I've already claimed mine, have you claimed yours?? :D
No deviants said Each completed collab drawing = more money Tommy donates to charity!
No deviants said Last time 270 people entered :la: We're aiming for 300 or more this time!


May 24, 2015
5:54 pm
May 24, 2015
5:24 pm
May 24, 2015
4:49 pm
May 24, 2015
4:03 pm
May 24, 2015
2:30 pm

Illness + Markiplier fan art tumblr fiasco

Journal Entry: Mon May 18, 2015, 5:34 AM
Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I last wrote a journal but lately a few things have happened and I want to share them with you. Well first and foremost, I'm kind of feeling like poop, my thyroid gland is giving me hell and I don't have an appointment with the endocrinologist until October... I'm going to visit my regular doctor on wednesday and beg her to carry some tests out for me to see if we can find a solution before October or else I'll go through the worst year of my life healthwise. Seriously, I'm useless in this state :T

This is me when I feel sick :giggle:

So I'm not feeling good most of the time, I'm totally unmotivated and uninspired onion head "sigh" and I feel breathless, as if I wasn't breathing enough oxygen? It's strange, but my doc tested it and I do receive the right oxygenation despite me feeling like I'm being suffocated. I'm also having a hard time eating, especially during diner even if I'm hungry just the sight of food makes me dizzy (no, I'm not pregnant). I'm a mess, basically.

Markiplier Fan Art Fiasco

Markiplier is the savior of Five Nights at Freddys by rydi1689

And the other thing I wanted to share with you guys is that Markiplier saw my FNAF fan art (the one above this line) and reblogged it on his tumblr! I was SO THRILLED...! But then I realized he had not reblogged it from my post but from the repost of a thief who didn't even credit me or link back to my original page! :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz: The fool uploaded the image to his tumblr without crediting me at all and Markiplier managed to see that image in the very same day it had been posted even though MINE was up in tumblr and dA for a whole month. God, life loves irony. My dream fulfilled in someone else's page. The theft post gathered 7000+ notes in the day it was up thanks to Markiplier reblogging it whereas my real post only reached about 900 in the whole month it was up. The only good part was the amount of people posting links to my original post in their reblogs to try and get more people to do it from mine and spreading the word about that art theft. They also contacted me encouraging me to file a DMCA take down and so I did. The next day the post was gone along with the 7000+ notes I will never have since Markiplier will never reblog my real post :iconcryforeverplz:. I messaged Mark about what had happened but no response.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

I was very disheartned by the situation Y__Y I often include a tumblr link so that you guys can reblog from my post, if I haven't done it myself then chances are you can share it using deviantART sharing tools providing proper credit and linking back to the original.

I won't tolerate people reposting my stuff without credit or a link back and I will file a DMCA take down notice and report it each time I see anyone misusing my art without my permission. I also do not allow for the commercial use of my art without my permission (ie. in the background of videos in youtube partners, selling prints, merchandise, etc.).

Respect artists!


HMC: Promise of the World

The promise . Wallpaper by rydi1689 :. S k y . S t r o l l .: by rydi1689 Howl's nightmare by rydi1689 HMC: Howl's Mating Call by rydi1689

To do list

To do list

SWEET-ness Status 02 by GasaraPink Heart Bullet by GasaraSWEET-ness Status 06 by GasaraPink Heart Bullet by GasaraSWEET-ness Status 04 by Gasara

Bust-shot comm for Gildawraith 25% by outer--heaven pixel button - paid by puucheii

Chad & Karin Kiriban for Meikalina 0 % by outer--heaven

Maxon & America for Minato-Kushina 25% by outer--heaven pixel button - paid by puucheii

IchiRuki for BleachOD 25% by outer--heaven pixel button - paid by puucheii

Fandom Package for BleachOD 25% by outer--heaven pixel button - paid by puucheii

Patreon reward for WhiteWolfTikaani 25% by outer--heaven pixel button - paid by puucheii

I am Groot!


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