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October 24, 2010


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:iconbummy3: Fandomized! - #4 :iconbummy3:

Welcome fellow Fan Artists and Fan Lovers alike! Fandomized! is a series of news articles featuring wondrous artworks from different fandoms, each issue will contain many inspiring renditions to the chosen fandom along with a brief description of what I enjoyed most about each piece :love:.

You are free to suggest a theme for the upcoming Fandomized! issues :) Send rydi1689 a note titled "Fandomized! suggestion", you can also include a few works you find stunning from your suggested fandom and brief descriptions for the pieces if you want :heart:.

:heart: BLEACH :heart:

bleach nostalgia by 2beats

Bleach nostalgia by 2beats As the title says this fan artwork really brings back feelings of nostalgia when we look back at the good ol' Bleach and all it has happened since! Even though the artwork isn't represented in the usual anime style, one can easily recognize the characters at first sight, their expressions are both fitting to the characters and amusing to the viewer!


Everytime I see Rebirth by Rusky-Boz I fall even more in love with it! The feelings coming from it are so overwhelming and breathtaking! I can only gasp in amazingness as the soundless words in my mouth leave me absolutely speechless!

Bleach 405 -Deicide7- fake end by shirotenshi-chan

Bleach 405 -Deicide7- fake end by shirotenshi-chan gives me chills just thinking about that happening for real! Still, a wonderful fan artwork that we'd all have liked to see coming to life!


There's something about BLEACH - AIZEN and ICHIMARU by TinkerRosa that keeps me staring! They look so slender and elegant that I can't take my eyes off them :heart:

Byakuya - Camellia by vesner

Byakuya - Camellia by vesner is absolutely beautiful! I adore the intricate detail and caring that went into the creation of this fantastic artwork! The art nouveau makes it even more appealing to the eye!


Leaning on a Post by Lingering-Tears is so full of life! This cosplayer really brings Nel to life, so beautiful and yet so strong! The mask is to die for and the outfit she's wearing makes her even prettier and makes you want to know more about her!

More Bleach Fan Art

Bleach - Luna by elicoronel16 Bleach by spirapride :thumb33385975: Bleach: Asterisk by behindinfinity AN Bleach by ningyee7 byakuya print by jiuge gin by jiuge BLEACH - Renji Abarai by yanimator Spaniard Bleach by Noiry Bleach - Ulquiorra Schiffer by keelerleah BLEACH-Yoruichi N' Soiphong by borammy
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:shakefish: @ dA for making me read bleach and naurto
PurpelBlur Oct 24, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
OMGOMGOGMOGMGOG! Bleach :iconftwplz:
What is "Bleach"? :confused:
It's an manga and anime series. It's really popular.
**A, not an.
grammar fail. -__-;
keelerleah Oct 24, 2010  Professional
Thanks so much for including one of my paintings in your lovely feature. :)
:heart: This fandom always has beautiful fanart. <3
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