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Flying by deeJuusan
Hello everyone!!

Hope you had a wonderful start to October!! I'm eager for Hallowe'en and watching the typical leaf rain of the season *_*
But there's something I'm even more eager about :eager: and it's to introduce you to October's Manga Artist of the Month...

The incredibly talented deeJuusan!

I met Dee a few months back when I hosted the Manga Chapters & Pages Themed DD Week! One of the pieces I had the honour of featuring as a Daily Deviation for that week was precisely a chapter of Dee's manga 'Grey is...'. I immediately fell in love with her unique style, the raw emotions in the pages and most of all the humanity within the main characters. I was stunned. I still am!
It's with great pleasure that I crown deeJuusan as October's Manga Artist of the Month! Keep reading below to know more about her!

1. Hello there Diana! Why don’t you tell us something about yourself? And now… how about something nobody knows about you? ;D

I'm Diana, more known as dee, a Jordanian Manga Artist, 27 years old with an Architecture major under belt.
Hmm now that's interesting, I feel like everyone knows everything about me then I feel like they know nothing haha!
Let's see, something nobody knows… My eyes are hooded and droopy lol

 Sorry I couldn't find anything else!

Missing in Action by deeJuusan

2. What is the ‘first’ memory you have related to art? Did you love drawing just as much when you were a toddler or did you prefer other crafts? (If you remember, that is :lol:)

I loved drawing my whole life but I wasn't always committed and faithful and there were many time I took art for granted, which I'm sad about. My first memory of art doesn't really have to do with drawing but with something that's completely essential to artists and it's visualizing. I remember I was maybe 9 years old when I was reading Helen Keller and there was a scene in the story of her sitting on the porch steps playing with their maid's daughter. And I still have the image in mind; Lazy "yellow" afternoon, of a medium sized country house with wheat fields in the distance, and two girls, so different from each other; looks, status, views, etc. sitting on steps playing together. I guess it was then that I fell in love with storytelling. And I never got around drawing the actual pic I visualized, but I consider myself an artist that drew that moment in the story.

Grey is: December 2012 by deeJuusan

3. Do you have any artist you look up to or feel inspired by? If so, why?

I do. I have a lot I'm inspired by!I follow over 400 blogs on tumblr which some are artblogs that collect others' works, and I watch over 1300 deviants here, so there are a lot of artists I'm inspired by. But I can't name anyone in specific because I'm more inspired by the drawings. I love Makoto Shinkai's work for example but I'm not inspired by every thing he makes. so anyone can be inspiring to me.
I have pretty high standards, so I find it hard to find a person I look up to. I love Sahara Mizu's expressions while I love Arakawa Hiromu's characterization and sense of humor. I LOVE LOVE and wish to be a great writer and storyteller as Yoshihiro Togashi and I have a weakness towards Asano Inio's backgrounds and pacing.
As for indie creators, I love hunterGON's characters and fluidity in movement and sketching, while I'm ever mystified in a very good way about CelestialValkyrie's brush work and the feelings I get from her illustrations. I'm always motivated by shilin's work as she was the first artist that made me go "huh! so people can do this manga art thing on their own" back around 2008. And I'm always intrigued by hira-geco's illustrations!
So, because I'm a picky person I tend to pick the best in every artist I like and have then as the goal I'm looking up to.
There are a bunch of pixiv artists that constantly inspire me but I suck at names. I recognize styles then fail to remember names. I really do ;;;;

4. Your manga ‘Grey is’ already has 20 chapters! Can you tell us your experiences while creating them? How did you come up with the ideas? Do you try to convey any message to the readers of your stories throughout the plot?
Ahhh 20 chapters! You can learn a lot from doing one chapter so you can imagine the sum of all things that you'd learn in 20! I've experienced the best and worst feelings along the ways. Mostly from my own critical self, coz as I said, I have high standards so nothing impresses me easily. But most often it's the best feelings that I experience while creating those pages. I started with little knowledge about this medium and I wasn't a manga/comic reader but the more I finished pages the more I notice that skills I'm lacking, even now. So it drove me to read more manga, observe more, experiment with sounds effects, toning, lining, etc.
The ideas I draw and write about are the sum of my own experiences in life, experiences I've heard or read about and my imagination.
And, I always tell a story to convey a message. Even a small sketch is there to convey a message or deliver a feeling for me. Sometimes throwing the idea there is enough for the reader, the interested one, to look up more about that idea.

I like to think that even though my stories tend to be realistically grim and sad at times, I do have a positive message to deliver at the end. I like to write about the sunshine after the storm, so I have to write about the storm.
For Grey is..., it's a long story with a lot of relationships and events, but it's basically a road to find the peace within one's self and try to find the balance between the blacks and whites of life.

Grey is: January 2012 by deeJuusan

5. Of all the characters you’ve created, who do you feel the closest to? Do you relate to anyone in particular? If so, why?

That's a hard question! I can't really answer it. I'm closest to Black and White together. And it's not just because I'm working at them right now, but because they were the first ones that opened the door to my career. I relate to White a lot of the times because he's a cynical rational person whose mind (like any mind) a great thing that usually backfires on him because he camps there pretty often haha!

Grey is: April 2012 by deeJuusan

6. Can you give some recommendations or tips to all the artists out there who’d like to start their own manga?

Forget about the tool. Forget about the process. Forget about the rules.
Just start the drawing with what you know and you'll learn more and more as you go on.
The big hot shot story you've been writing in your head for years, that is you precious baby, that you drew all the important scenes from and planned the deaths, the births, the drama, the kisses, etc. Put a hole on that one and pick a shorter story, a simpler one, a comedy, a slice of life, anything you feel close to and passionate about, and draw that.
Finish a 5 or 10 pages chapter coz that sense of accomplishment will get addicting and will motivate you to try again.
Take it step by step and once you're hooked and used to the craft of creating pages, start reading and observing other stories, and other rules. Work on your weaknesses and enrich your knowledge.

Grey is: May 2012 by deeJuusan

7. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? Feel free to express yourself!!

Never over or under estimate yourself!
Read that line again.

Thank you so much for reading! And to you rydi1689 for picking me!
It's an honor really!

Don't give up! And keep creating art <3

Grey is: July 2012 by deeJuusan
Grey is - Chapter 000 by deeJuusanGrey is: Special Chapter 03 by deeJuusanGrey is - Chapter 013 by deeJuusanGrey is - Chapter 017 by deeJuusan

Thank you for letting us get to know you better Dee! Your manga is an inspiration to me and I hope our readers will fall in love with it too! We wish you the best in your future endeavours and a huge success for Grey is <3

I'm eager to introduce you to October's Manga Artist of the Month...! :D
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AL-Nuha Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i'm a fan for her since 4 years ago :heart: thanQ so much to make this interview with Dee ^^
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aahhh thankyou soo much for sharing!! 
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Thank you for this amazing interview ^^
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Oh ry you interview such amazing artist!
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Lovely interview, by a talented artist! :love:

Thanks for sharing! :hug:
RhynWilliams Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013   Traditional Artist
what a super feature once again and well done =deeJuusan :dance:
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ooooh what a SURPRISE!! :la: :heart::heart::heart::heart:
and such inspiring words....!!! :faint: I don't regret reading every bit of it, really. Purely stunning. :love::love::love:
Thank you, deeJuusan !! :worship: :hug:
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